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  • Ep. 79: Looong Movies II - "Jake is the Whaling Boy" September 22, 2022
    Today on the Tough Cut Podcast we decided between the book ends of a fan favorite trilogy, address the spider in the room, and discuss Kubrick vs Tarantino. What more could you want as we discuss 12+ hours of movies yet again?Follow us @ToughCutPod on all your favorite socials!This bracket features:LotR Two Towers extended editionLotR […]
  • Ep. 78: Looong Movies I - "500 Followers" September 15, 2022
    We'll cut to the chase, these movies are long. Like, very long, in just this first episode we had over 12 hours of movies. Please this is a cry for help...Follow us @ToughCutPod on all your favorite socials!This bracket features:LotR Two Towers extended editionLotR Return of the King extended editionLotR Fellowship of the Ring extended […]
  • Ep. 77: Jack Black IV - "We Feud With iCarly" September 1, 2022
    Today on the Tough Cut Podcast, we find the Jack Blackiest of Jack Black movies in our finale for the Jack Black bracket (wow, we really said Jack Black a lot there.) Come join us to find out who will win and for some honorable mentions from our audience and a few that didn't make […]
  • Ep. 76: Jack Black Kung-Fu Interlude - "The Hell Dimension" August 25, 2022
    Jake is sick so Alex and Matthew take to the idea vault and unleash a pitch game masterpiece. With the bracket being Jack Black we jump into the Kung-Fu Panda trilogy and pitch the newest sequel, a political thriller about the fate of imperial China. You won't want to miss the twists and turns in […]
  • Ep. 75: Jack Black III - "Big TiVo" August 18, 2022
    The Tough Cut is back with a brand new fake sponsor: TiVo! Come find out why we continue to be obsessed with a pre-streaming relic as we talk about what makes a Jack Black movie a Jack Black movie.Follow us @ToughCutPod on all your favorite socials!This bracket features:Nacho LibreKung Fu PandaJumanjiGoosebumpsPeter Jackson's King KongBe Kind, […]
  • Ep. 74: Jack Black II - "Beauty Killed the Beast" August 11, 2022
    The time has come for part two of the Jack Black bracket and with it, a long-awaited discussion--did beauty kill the beast? Find out on the latest episode of the Tough Cut Podcast. Come for the laughs stay for the hard-hitting exploration of BIG MONKEY.Follow us @ToughCutPod on all your favorite socials!This bracket features:Nacho LibreKung […]
  • Ep. 73: Jack Black I - "Curious Isn't It" August 4, 2022
    Comedy, Musician, and all-around great guy Jack Black is at the center of the next Tough Cut Podcast bracket, and these matchups are about to get a little crazy. Come find out what makes great satire, why School of Rock is so iconic, and who one of the tough cut hosts might be related to...Curious […]
  • Ep. 72: Definitive Ad Tierlist II Feat. Ash Diggs - "Big Capital Head" July 28, 2022
    Alex is still out, but Ash is back. We dive back in to try and find out what makes the best ads. Are they memorable? Are they funny? Are they filled with deranged lovecraftian nightmares? Probably all yes, and Tough Cut wants you along for the ride.Follow us @ToughcutPod on all your favorite socials!This bracket […]
  • Ep. 71: Best Of The Worst DCEU Feat. Good Kraken - "You Gave them Nipples" July 21, 2022
    Dunna-nuna-nuna-nuna... BAT-erm we mean Dunna-nuna-nuna-nuna...Ernell! Today, Jake and Matthew try to tackle the best of the worst that the DCEU has to offer, so they call in some help from Ernell Pearson from the Good Kraken Podcast. Join us as we suffer for your enjoymentFollow us @ToughCutPod on all your favorite socials!This bracket features:Batman and […]
  • Ep. 70: 90's Romcoms IV - "The Tough Cut Bod" July 7, 2022
    It's the 90's Romcom finale and Matt is mysteriously missing! Jake and Alex hold down the fort until time gets wonky in the second half! Can these paltry podcasters keep it together?Follow us @ToughCutPod on all your favorite socials!This bracket features:You’ve Got Mail10 things I hate about youThere's something about MaryWedding singerPretty WomanGroundhog DayDilwale Dulhania […]


The Tough Cut Podcast follows three friends as we pit movies against each other in a tournament-style bracket.